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(Science Fiction)

Enhancement is written in a way that makes the sci-fi storyline unexpectedly believable. While each chapter is independent, the short stories tie together in a series of thought provoking scenarios to resolve growing global food and energy scarcity problems. A unique concept written in an easy to read manner. Highly recommended - 5 stars (Goodreads review)

Why have humans not altered our bodies so we can photosynthesise? It's easy to imagine how much our way of life would change if we could do so. Would we eat less, rest more, reduce our damage to the environment, perhaps even live longer? The Enhancement collection of short stories considers what life would be like if we drew energy directly from sunlight. Stories range from the domestic life of new parents raising a child with this ability through to a squad of soldiers who rarely need to eat and have lost the need to sleep. An Australian university student starts the world down this path by taking the algae that lives inside corals and implanting it into human skin cells. 



(Contemporary fiction)

‘Sutcliffe’s Alchemy Gold’ is a captivating read which explores the hopeful desires of Brock Sutcliffe. An intriguing story followed by a big plot twist makes this novel a must read - 5 stars (Goodreads review)

Each week, Brock Sutcliffe watches millions of dollars of gold being loaded onto a small plane in the middle of the Australian desert. There’s almost no security involved because there’s nowhere for thieves to hide.


Fed stories of past family wealth and affluence during the war years, Brock sets out to shortcut his way to fortune. Working as an exploration geologist in the remote Northern Territory, he devises a plan to steal a shipment of gold from the same company that is paying his wages. But Brock can’t do it alone, and the more people he involves, the greater the exposure becomes for every one of them.



(Historical fantasy)

Where was Genghis Khan buried? How did the infamous English pirate Henry Every and his colossal treasure hoard vanish? Where did the saintly voices that led Joan of Arc to war against the English originate?

Enter the mysterious world of Tapestries, where fact and fiction are woven together to answer these questions and more in a series of richly detailed historical tales that ignite the imagination.

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(Contemporary fiction - release 2024)

Brock Sutcliffe is back with a vengeance. After his failure in the outback, Brock turns his eyes towards mining companies on the Australian stock market. There are huge sums to be made in the margins, he just has to stir up the interest first.

But he needs money to make money. With help from inside a Perth merchant bank, Brock finances shell companies to trade on false mineral exploration results, profiting along the way from sales with no foundation.

He has to keep moving though, because he knows if he stays in the water too long, the sharks will smell blood.

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